1. private message or personal message - messaging someone personally in a one-to-one chat. synonym: direct message, or dm.

2. pretty much.

3. prime minister.
George: the easiest way to contact the pm is to pm them.
Sargon: pm the pm?
George: pm.
by niggalas sage June 09, 2019
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A mission of getting a lot of pussy in a period of time.

Requirements: Being jacked, getting pussy
S- "Asad's aint getting no pussy"
Z- "Yeah, he should've stuck to the P.M."
T-"Yeah, fuck his shit"
by sK&zC February 07, 2010
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pm is mostly an abb for private msg

but when its pM ( with a capital M ) then it means pussy magnet.....and pussy magnett is a slang for a thing that attrackt women
a: this t shirt is a pM
by vodca333 December 14, 2009
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A discreet abbreviation for the term pussy monster (a person who is good at giving a female head, as described in the lil wayne song "Pussy Monster," used mainly to discuss your sex life in the company of others i.e. co-workers or professors.
"Oh girl my man torn my clit up last night. He's a PM for real"
by dIam November 23, 2009
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the new definition
Pre masterbation syndrome

when a person is very horney.
that girl is so fine, she's makin me P.M.S
by smcforlife October 10, 2004
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A beer that is half consumed and left in the kitchen/bathroom of the establishment hosting a party to be picked up the following day
oh weak man I just counted 30 P.M.S. beers
aka p.mor.syndrome
by the truth has come 2343 September 01, 2009
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