Prostate Massage - When the woman (or man) inserts her finger or a sex toy into a man's ass and massages the prostate in order to increase the intensity of climax.
My girl was giving me a great blowjob last night and when she started with the PM I dumped a 5 gallon load of cum on her face.
by msmitheee April 14, 2010
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PM means to "private message" someone. This is usually it's own little conversation with two or three people.

You tell someone to PM them when you don't want other people to know what you're saying. The term "PM" is usually used on chat websites with lots of people.
Person 1: OMG, I have to show you this picture.
Person 2: PM me!
by buckingtontehfourth March 02, 2010
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(i) Prime Minister
(ii) Private Message
(iii) Personal Message
(iv) Post Meridiem

(i) is usually used iRL;
(ii) is usually used on forums or chatrooms (eg. iRC)
(iii) is uncommon but still used by some people.
(iv) used commonly for time.

See also: PrivMSG

Other non-Urban definitions: (used iRL)
* particulate matter
* past master
* police magistrate
* postmaster
* postmistress
* postmortem
* prime minister
* provost marshal
* etc...
(i) Example:
"Oh my god, the new PM sucks, I shouldn't have voted for him!"

(ii) Example:
<Shinosuke> Check your PM. I dont want everyone to know.
<Person1> Ok... ... wait...
<Person1> ...
<Person1> HAHAHAHHA~~ hey everyone! Look at this!!
<Person1> <Shinosuke> user: Shinosuke
<Person1> <Shinosuke> pass: iRn00b
<Person1> HAHAHAHHAA~~ What a lamer!
<Shinosuke> . . .
* Quits: Shinosuke (Shinosuke@SomeIRC-2BE662.56k.xtra.nz) (Reason: Too lame.)

(iii) Example:
"I got a PM (Personal message) from my boss today!"

(iv) Example:
"It's now 14:23, 02:23pm"
by Shinosuke May 13, 2004
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PM = pretty much, orgin is just shorten language
"So you like basketball?"
by brad February 15, 2005
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verb. To private message someone.

phrase. Pretty much
1. Hey Girl! PM me
2. The house is pretty much destroyed
via giphy
by pooooplocket1029 March 13, 2018
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