Pistolet Makarov
Soviet-Bloc Handgun with 7-round capacity.
by GunCat February 21, 2004
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A word used to describe an extremely scummy person or object. PM is mostly synonymous with siclid. Can be used as a verb. When someone does something extremely scummy, it's called "pulling a PM." PM is always hurtful. In order to be called a PM you have to be one of the scummiest people ever. In order to qualify as a PM, you must have already qualified as a siclid.
Example 1:

Person A: "You are such a PM!"

Person B: "ppreciate that insult, pal."

Example 2:

Person A: "Stop pulling a PM over there, you siclid."

Person B: *cries self to sleep*
by Scumpty Dumpty February 27, 2011
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Post Meal Sling.
Sling some dip after a good meal.
Dude are you down for a P.M.S after we eat some California burriots?
by Trevor Cornwell March 11, 2008
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An attractive person. i.e. someone you'd go home with before you get too sauced to care. The other end of the scale is a 4 AM, which is reserved for the last-chance stragglers.
"You gonna rock that beauty?"
"I'm buying her snacks, Broseph--that one's a PM"
by CashedAsCarl May 21, 2009
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Abbreviation for Pissy Male Syndrome. Guys get p.m.s too!
My boyfriend has P.M.S
by Lauramarielive.com January 06, 2016
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let’s just say your in a group chat

Serena: sirna pmπŸ˜—
Sirna :Ight ✌️
by ynw.realniggs January 18, 2020
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