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1. Paris Hilton's socialite friend; a woman who can only see "sex" and "potential best lovers with large penises" in Black men and nothing else when there's much more to them and it is obvious she uses her rotund ass to get Black men's attention.

Ms. Kardashian is a beautiful young woman but unfortunately her lack of intelligence, her crude promiscuity and her cheap, nasty image takes away from that. She is a cum bucket and nothing more or less. Women like her deserves no good respect but rather a severe sexually transmitted disease to teach them a lesson.

2. An expensive prostitute that does not stand on the street corners but leans against beemers.
Kim Kardashian + Ray J = Herpes Sandwich
by twistedbabydoll August 12, 2007

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1. Proof that the music industry is no longer a raw, gifted talent extruder. More like a money sucking, take-a-quasi-supermodel chick-between-the-ages of 12-21-sex her up-record her horrible voice-and-use state-of-the-art equipment to alter her voice into sounding like pre-21st century Whitney Houston-Shoot a video of her masturbating-and-force youth to buy the album through brainwashing promotion-mechanism.
2. A teenager with questionable parental guidance who must have sold her unriped body for a recording contract.
3. A joke.
4. A dollar store version of a Bratz doll.
5. To sing in a voice used a torture devices in nuclear wars.
6. Someone who needs to be bombed down by a Japanese fighter jet.

Mother: Hey...Hey! Since you didn't eat your broccili, I'm gonna make you listen to Rihanna's umbrella 47-times for the rest of the night!
Child: (screams at the top of his lungs) Mommie, NO! NOOOOOOOO!!!! (stomps and cries hysterically) I'm sorry! I'M SORRYYYYYYYYYYY!
Mom: (turns on Rihanna's "Umbrella" and put child in time-out) If you leave this seat, I will spank you!
Child: Give me the spanking! GIVE ME THAT SPANKING! (The child takes Rihanna's CD out and breaks it into pieces, He pulls down his pants and happily takes the spanking instead)
by twistedbabydoll August 11, 2007

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The opposite of women.
Just a plain and simple definition of men because there is a war between the sex on UD and that's a damn shame. Honestly my opinion of men is that I have had too many bad experiences with them but there are good men in my family, including my father, brother and uncles and my grandfathers (whom passed away years ago).

Too all the men on here who have something negative to say about women are one of the following:
1. Misogynist
2. Have no positive or decent female role models in your life
3. Are an asshole who's been dumped and rejected by every woman you've been with and rather take it out on women, beside examining yourself
4. Insecure with your masculinity to the point where you think belittling and downing women will make you more of a man
5. An immature jerk who needs to grow up
6. A jerk who's mother abandoned him, so he is mad at every woman in the world

To all the women on here who have something negative to say about men are:

1. Nazi-Lesbian
2. Had too many bad experiences with men and feel she should take it out on all men
3. No good male role models
4. Angry because her poppa is a rolling stone
5. Just been dumped by her boyfriend when he was an asshole in the first place
6. A woman who simply gives true, mature feminists a bad name (all feminists--damn near every feminist do not hate men)

And I, myself, am feminist; Not the "hate-every-man and become a lesbian" feminist, but the "all men and women should be treated equal and have equal rights and be on an equal level" feminist. But I think this war between the sexes is ridiculous.
by twistedbabydoll August 18, 2007

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A curse. A symbol of unfairness. An uncontrollable Hell that fulfills all the things that can make a woman sad: fatness, ugliness, and ickiness. It occurs a week or days before a woman's period.

During this time, men will drive women to become lesbians for the simple fact they are insensitive and cynical towards this cruel suffering that women go through. Oh, so your mad because you can't get no ass, freak?

PMS will make a woman wish she was never born female. Penis envy can occur.
I have PMS as I write this. I want to die. And I don't just have any ol' type of PMS. I have a severe, psychotic form of PMS called PMDD that causes me to have temporary bipolar disorder. I'm not kidding.
by twistedbabydoll August 05, 2007

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A popular music artist. Yes, I say "popular" because he sings on subjects that are inferior enough for mainstreamers, teenyboppers and hoodrats to relate to. Obviously according to this man's music club-hopping is the center of his life, he falls in love with women with ribald job positions (i.e. stripper) and he has a weird obsession with drinks or buying people drinks.

He is NOT R&B. He is the commercial-pop version of R&B. And anyone who think he is the best or "hot" need to die. This generation of young adults need to jump off a bridge.
Somebody KILL T-Pain. Please. Thank You.
by twistedbabydoll September 24, 2007

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Popular among young clubbers. Usually after a club party ends young people, esp. males, will stand in the parking lot with their boys or next to their Mercedes Benz that they rented from Rent-A-Car and need to return by noon of the next day, in order to look for females to exchange numbers with or take home for sexual purposes. For females, parking lot pimping involves them using their looks to attract men, lowering their blouses so more cleavage can show and hiking up their skirts, or going to the guys with the best looking car just so she can sit in the passenger seat and look at all the interior features of his car (the features may be a built-in TV and some other crap with monetary value that exceeds the car note) so she can determine whether to take him home for a one-nights stand or give him oral sex.

In other words: losers.

See rap video.
Tyjuan and his boys got bored with the party and decided to go parking lot pimping. They found a group of girls dressed in Forever 21 halter tops and stilleto heels, with excessive amounts of weave in their head and pounds of MAC makeup on their faces. When Tyjuan showed them his (father's) Mercedes Benz, they got wet between their legs. Later into the night, the girls went home with Tyjuan and his boys -- and the night ended in a wild orgy!

Six months later.

Tyjuan tested positive for HIV.
by twistedbabydoll August 18, 2007

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The only show on TV where you can watch skeleton's FIGHT.

The only healthy, voluptuous person on that show, ironically, happens to be Tyra Banks!
I love America's next Top Model but I think Tyra should retire it and continue with her talk show.
by twistedbabydoll June 04, 2007

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