A feature on Instagram able to send a picture or message to up to 20 people at once.
Send me a Direct Message saying what you feel about me!
by Damoose October 9, 2014
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NRDM is an abbreviation and or acronym used by cryptocurrency fanatics, fans, and DeFi users who have frequently made uncanny and clever observations, that sometimes the sacrificial lamb is one's own kind, when it comes to phishing links and scammers that target their foe through Direct Messages sent via Telegram or Discord Channels, or generally baiting their foe online.

The sacrifices of these sacrificial lambs, has resulted in the social phenomena The Distribution of Clever Abbreviations (DCAs or DoCAs) to help remember that, one should always be weary of suspicious Direct Messages that are sent to us online, especially when they are shrouded in the veil of unparalleled kindness or desires to be helpful, followed by a very odd link that should have otherwise screamed "NOOOO - Don't Click Me!! ( DCM ) --- if it were not for the HTML Link & the oddly familiar sense of safety given the impression of the link & underlining, bringing you quickly to the end of the road for your money, as it connects to a scammer or fraudsters server & database, and quickly sends them all your personal information & access codes, in the blink of an eye *Poof* all gone.

One must find ways to aMUSE one's self with these things, lest we never forget, all the sacrificial lambs of our time. Amen.
Person 1: Hey guys! I JUST GOT THIS AMAZING OFFER! Someone sent me this link to this amazing website and said that I just need to connect my wallet and they'll send me 5000 Ethereum!! I should have it by dinner time!

Muse: Dude, hasn't anyone ever told you to NRDM...

Person 1: NRDM?

Muse: Yes, NRDM - Never Reply Direct Messages... Duh.

Person 1: But... But...

Oh... F***
by Martin Horowitz April 30, 2022
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Receiving messages through Facebook or Twitter from your current love interested who seems interested, to then receiving either no messages or blunt messages with no feeling or personality and alternating between the two. (Spin on phrase Direct Messages or 'DMs'
Boy 1: 'Yo, you been talking to Shanice lately?'
Boy 2: 'Yeah man but she's sending me Direct Mixed Messages again'
by PedroThorn July 4, 2015
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