The tatoo on the lower back of a female. Someplace to put your drink.
Bend over and let me use your placemat, baby!
by Dan Davis August 1, 2005
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Most times a piece of paper with an add or coupon on it, also protects from slobs shoveling food in.
Hey Stevo you get the $5 Roulette coupon off one of those placemats from JOES DINER?
by Mr Falcone October 25, 2007
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The tattoo on the small of a womens back (usually tribal with a fuckin butterfy).
DUDE, when you pull out just set your dick on her placemat.
by Duzer April 30, 2006
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Rectangular pieces of cloth that are placed under your dinner plate to protect a valuable lace table cover.
Joe and Stevo felt like placemats as Thorn drooled over his winning ticket.
by StarnetGypsy November 12, 2007
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