my ex got my name tatoo'd on his back and now he's dating his baby mama and said he's over me. wonder how his girl feels about this?! permanent reminder (tatoo) of a temparary feeling (the relationship).
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A poorly done tattoo. Like its spelling which is slightly off, a tatoo is also slightly off.

The pronunciation of tatoo is TAT EWWW
Did you see Britney's tatoo, it's so lame.
by quackawakka January 5, 2010
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A tatoo that generally means a person is going to be a leach on society forever by wasting our tax dollars rotting in prison.
Todd: Mom Johhny just got a teardrop tatoo.

Mom: FUCK, might as well just throw him in prison now because he pretty much just sealed the deal by getting that tatoo
by MrHobbes69 June 23, 2014
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when you smack your dick across someones face and it leaves a mark.
"I slapped that bitch with my dick and gave her a mushroom tatoo"
by Peniswillow April 8, 2003
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An ink fluid mark of a teardrop located under the eye, usually used to signify a commited murder. The teardrop is also used to display endless sorrow, such as the loss of a close friend, or life sentence in prison.
I earned my tatoo tear by poppin' that fuckin snitch.
by J. THOMPSON July 9, 2006
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when you take your wang to someone's face with great force(mushroom slap), leaving a mark that looks like a mushroom (because the end of your penis kida looks like a mushroom)
I left a little mushroom tatoo on that dude because he was a fruit
by Diego February 9, 2004
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The mark left by slapping someone across the face with one's flaccid penis. Using an erect penis does not count.
"My yoon left a nice mushroom tatoo on his cheek."
by back iker July 31, 2005
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