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to add something such as ecstacy to a drug like marijuana
Bro I think this weed is laced with some heavy shit.
by Brett August 23, 2003
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Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies:a public continuation school that offers higher learning.Students here are usually referred to as "nerdy potheads." Most students are laid back.
Hey you hittin' up Ben's place for some kush?
Na, imma go see what LACES has.
by Kai Perez December 09, 2008
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To be hit lace-out, like the football term. To have something delivered to you the way you expect/may or may not deserve. Eg. When your fan is not oscillating and directed straight at you, it is said to be hitting you lace.
thanks for turning my fan on, it's hittin' me fuckin' lace.
by Rexhunt May 17, 2009
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to chain to puches together in vigorous manner usually resulting in someones ass being kicked
by Anonymous May 01, 2003
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