A curse which makes the bearer invincible, but also forces him/her to kill his/her immediate family. Every once in a while on Halloween (and only Halloween), the Thorn constellation appears in the sky, signalling the followers of Thorn to curse a new person. When done, prosperity falls on the whole tribe. Michael Myers is currently cursed with Thorn, and Terence Wynn (who is currently missing) serves as his watcher. A person with allegiance to Thorn can be identified by a Thorn tattoo on their right wrist.
Pledge your allegiance to Thorn!
by Kain October 17, 2004
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Porn about the charactor "Thor", Thorn.
I love to watch Thorn, there is always some good hammering.
by Mrs.Frizzles Sizzle March 19, 2017
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Pronunciation: Forn or F*** YOU
Origin: Destiny

Thorn is a hand canon in the game Destiny. It used to be horrible but it was buffed. Thorn has perk that gives a burn which deals damage over time. Thorn is capable of a two hit kill because of this and is known as the most hated gun in the game. If you go onto Bungie.net it's the most complained about.
2)They're beating me. I have no skill. Switching to Thorn!
by Paradise Paradox July 5, 2015
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A Sport's bettor who consistently wins.
Damn it yesterday that Thorn pricked for for 10 large
by Mr Falcone October 7, 2007
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Although these boys are very rare, they're some of the best boys out there. Very musically talented and know how to make a girl swoon. They know all the right things to say and do to put a smile on someone's face. If they're passionate about something, they can talk about it forever. Beautiful hazel eyes that anyone can get lost in. These are some of the best boys to have around and anyone with a Thorne in their life is very lucky!
Thorne opened the door for me, he is such a gentleman
by SophiaOfTheCats August 1, 2019
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A shortened version of the name of a racially mixed city in the South Bay of Los Angeles called Hawthorne.
The Thorne is seen by many as a dangerous and ghetto city, especially by neighboring middle to upper class cities like Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, El Segundo, etc. Like a rose bush, the Thorne can cause serious pain but it is also home to much beauty. "I live in the Thorne so watch your back"
by mrsarcasm310 March 19, 2008
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The absolute level of leetness. 1. Pwning mother fuckers left and right 2. God of all 3. A all around mother fucking genius
I met this dude he was THORNE god of all, I felt leeter just being around him.
by Teh FBI September 28, 2006
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