Who let that ped into the gym? Quick, call the cops and get that fuck arrested!
by pentozali March 23, 2013
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penis eats donkeys sydrome

a sort of virus u get from codjumping
Onlooker: Did your penis eat that donkey
Pedsdude: Yes.... Yes it did
Onlooker: Brillant thats a brig dick and i warp it in warping paper
by Mooselflies. February 05, 2010
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1. some teacher (usually in gym class) that hits on girls in his class and is a tool to the guys; ped being short for pedaphile, as the teacher obviosuly cannot get wtih people his age so he prays on young girls in gym clothes. most schools have one

2. a guy that macs on girls wayyy younger than him before the age of 21
"yo that new gym teacher is such a ped, he gave like half the bids nicknames"

"did u see that ped checking out the girls in the other gym class"

"yo did u hear that senior matt went out with that frosh bid? yo wat a ped"

"yo that counselor whose a junior was maccing on those 4th grade bids before wat a ped"
by the big lemon July 05, 2009
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Not to be confused with steroids and such, PEDs are the savior for any college student (i.e. cocaine, adderall, ritalin, concerta, and vyvanse)
I felt exhausted halfway through a party so me and my friend popped and railed some PEDs to keep the night going.
by Broseph09 April 13, 2015
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Synonym for feces, more accurately "shit"
I just stepped in dog ped!

This situation is completely ped

Stop being ped
by Pedinthebed2 January 02, 2021
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