Penile Erectile Disorder.

A dysfunction that hinders the rise of the penis.

The secondary conflict in the novel, The Sun Also Rises.
Hemingway had to give his girl to a matador because he suffered from PED.
by Nco November 15, 2003
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Ped is always a very very very coool person. They like to eat junk food and are very lazy. Always bitchin' and gossiping.
Yeah just a general bitch
Person1:Don't you just HATE Sarah?
Person2: No i don't ya fuckin ped.
by PedJaaa! November 06, 2007
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One bereft of Pimpmobile, and easily run over by such. 20 points!
See pedestrian.
Step outside and meet Jesus, ped.
by UnderToad March 20, 2003
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Background: Lebanese Ghetto

Definition: Shoes or any kind of footwear
Yo man i just got these new basketball peds and they are of the heazy!

These puddles are ruining my peds.
by tribalray March 12, 2005
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