The Splash- Were you jump off stage and flop like a fish while the crowd does the wave.
Wow there about to do the legendary The splash everybody the wave now.
by beowolf24 February 20, 2014
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To splash someone, is uk street slang to stab someone with a knife.

The idea of the splash is to symbolise the blood going everywhere

This is mostly used in uk trap music
Lyric example:

"that boy got splashed up, I'm surprised that boy is not dead
The knife went through, the Knife went through his head... And everything was all red"

- made up example of a typical UK trap lyric
by UK_lingo July 21, 2017
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Getting stabbed so hard that it looks like as if you were splashed with your own blood.

It's more prominently heard in the UK drill scene.
Play for the Pagans - Teewiz got splashed and died, and I don't feel sorry for his mum.
Gentleman - Pull up crash, and I'm wetting 'em . Dip, splash when I'm getting 'em
by L3gion Legacy February 04, 2021
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The way of preparing a diluted drink in a strip club for the strippers only, patrons keep buying their strippers drinks, if they weren't diluted, the girls would be too inebriated to work. The patrons get their drinks mixed per usual. The strippers get mixed drinks with extra ice, where the mixer is poured first, such as coca-cola, then the bartender 'splashes' the liquor on top, so that if the patron sniffs the drink or takes a sip to make sure he isn't getting ripped off (for overpaying for drinks anyway), the liquor will taste quite strong.
Friend to Stripper: How do you drink like 20 drinks a nite and not get drunk?

Stripper: Oh the bartender dilutes our drinks, hmmm, I probably only drink the equivalent of 4 drinks the whole nite thanks to splashing. And mine are mixed with diet cola, have to watch the calories too haha.
by July 25, 2009
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What you say when your jumpshot is extra wet. When the ball goes through the net perfectly and the net comes back up through the rim making that almost "splash" like sound. Next time you have a wet jumpshot in the gym, and you're splashing on the opposing team, simply say "Splash" as the ball leaves your hand, sure enough to anger other players and make you look like a total badass at the same time.
As Bill came to the gym and started to warm up he quickly realized his jumpshot was super-wet. When he joined a game he immediately started to splash on the other team.

Dude, we got splashed on today. This guy was splashing from Reggie Miller range.
by ryan3123 March 01, 2011
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When you run up on a yute and splash him with acid
Splashing-throwing acid
by Mandemman July 10, 2019
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