When an adult jumps in the shower with a pre adolescent male and proceeds to bear hug them from behind.
Timmy: Why so glum today Jimmy?
Jiimmy: Coach just gave me a Jerry Sandusky.

Timmy: Bummer
by emgarsh November 9, 2011
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What's the difference between Jerry Sandusky and acne? Acne waits until you're 12 before it comes all over your face.
Ouch! I didn't think it would hurt to take a shower. Jerry Sandusky has a bigger dick than Father O'Malley
by chimpsmirk November 7, 2011
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By far the sickest fuck known to man. Former Penn State coach and defensive coordinator who over years used his charity for young boys and clout withing the Penn State athletic community to commit heinous acts against a series of young boys and teens. His antics included anally raping them (in Penn State locker room facilities), and forcing boys to perform sex acts on himself/receive sex acts from him on overnite trips, in his house, his car, educational institutions, etc.
Jerry Sandusky is days away from suicide.

My boy bet me $20 that Jerry Sandusky will kill himself before hes killed in jail.

Jerry Sandusky is the gayest, sickest old fuck I can possibly imagine. What a fag this dude is.
by Snach_Crusher November 8, 2011
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A word derived from the assistant coach from Penn State who was accused of molesting boys in the shower.

This is a verb used to describe someone who is molesting boys. Can be used to describe one who is being dominated.

Can also be used to describe someone/someones who pick on a person who have little to no control over the situation
I don't want to be a part of that Fraternity. I hear they are Jerry Sanduskying each other.

Are you watching the Bears? They are Jerry Sandusking the Packers right now!
by titoliston November 8, 2011
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When you Go to McDonald’s and order a sausage biscuit, but it is a trap. It isn’t a McDonald’s, but rather it is the Penn State locker room. Instead of a sausage biscuit, you get Jerry Sanduskys sausage in your biscuits, and you scream in agony as he turns you from a “tight end” to a “wide receiver”.
This Morning, Bubbles went to McDonald’s, and was greeted by famous football coach Jerry Sandusky with his famous Jerry Sandusky Sausage Surprise.
by Bob statutory January 21, 2021
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