A ride or die chick .
Sweetest girl you can ever meet

Loves sports .
Athletic body .

BANGIN curves
Pretty eyes .
Street and book smart
Such a lady
Wifey material
kaity is such a lady !
kaity always fights for her friends
She wifey material . . such a fukkin kaity !
by Varsity22 December 14, 2010
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An especially gorgeous woman with a super cute body and personality to match, very understanding a fun to be around, you could spend your life with her<3
Kaity is perfect for Dylan
by Whoknows123456 July 2, 2011
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One of the most bitchiest girls you will ever meet. Cries her eyes out when she hits 90lbs and eats like a hog. Always has to make people feel bad for her. Pretends to be depressed to fit into the style. Absolutely fake and one of the snottiest girls you will ever meet. Always expects gifts and is always extremely jealous. Too needy and UGLY, inside and out.
Person: I was really sick yesterday.
Kaity: Well I gave BIRTH yesterday.

Person:My dog died.
Kaity: Well, I'm already dead inside that's why i cut myself.
by nomnomtothenom August 9, 2011
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Kaity is a kind girl and can be shy sometimes. She can be into sports and people may not know. She likes people with the name Nathen. Kaity used to like people with the name Rafael. She also has nicknames like “Z” which is from her Other name. She has a best friend named Elissa and Sofia. She also has two online friends named “Carter” and “Bella.” She goes to a private school in Cali. Kaity can be really funny sometimes and dont know it. IF YOU are reading THIS you are LUCKY. Everything here is TRUE.
No example but wish it be like...

Nathen: “I like you back”

Kylia: (To stop making fun of me)

Kaylee: (Forgives me)

Rafael: “We can be friends!”

Kaity: (Stop being shy)

Have a wonderful Day!
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Synonym for footjob

A sneakier way of talking about footjobs when you’d rather not have to inevitably explain it to the people around you.
Dude 1: Bro, she gave me a... kaity... the other day
Dude 2: Damn dude! Good thing we’re using this code or else it’d be really awkward to talk about this in public!
by DevoCow March 26, 2020
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Fucking dyke who won't shut up...no one really likes her...shame.
God that bitch is such a kaity
by Award4me June 18, 2017
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Kaitie is a kind, gentle girl who every one thinks is very pretty but doesn't see it her self. She doesn't get why people spell 'Kaitie' like 'Katie', it just doesn't make sense to her. All of her friends love her because she will do absolutely anything for them. She is funny and seems older than she really is.Boys seem to really like her and are super lucky if she says yes.
Guy one: Why are you so happy.
Guy two: Kaitie said yes!
Guy one: Dang it I was going to ask her out.
by Lily girl #cats February 8, 2018
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