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Pretty Darn Precious.

An acronym created by ShayCarl of YouTube to describe his children (originally for his newborn son).
Shay: Rocktard is PDP-ing it up.

Katilette: WHAT?!

Shay: Pretty Darn Precious.

Katilette: Oh.
by YumeNyaa June 24, 2010
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ShayTard (vlog channel on YouTube) terminology, meaning Pretty Darn Precious. Primarily used when one of the ShayTard children do something adorable.
It was PDP when SonTard was feeding RockTard on the porch
by avvvvvy September 06, 2010
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post drinking poop. when after a night of drinking you have to take a disgusting poop the next day, generally occurs in the morning.
man last night i drank so much, had the nastiest pdp this morning
by mister senor November 18, 2012
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Pimp Daddy Pienta.

See Pienta
Mike Pienta's nickname is PDP, but Ken suspects that it is just a clever name.
by IAMSODOT March 18, 2004
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A party/cult that enslaves a nation foy years and yet points fingers at others, while its made up of thugs and fowl souls.
the man that tried to disrupt the election result collation is obviously a member of PDP
by outofdbox April 08, 2015
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Pantie Dropping Power. A non-numeric rating system for cars based on how quickly women would remove their panties at the sight of that car. This system isnt a measure of a car's engineering merits since women know nothing about cars, so a very good car have low PDP or a very lousy car can have high PDP
A Veyron has the highest PDP of any car in the world. An Audi R8 has very high PDP, while your Hyundai Atos doesnt. Actually no asian car has any PDP of any sort. Honda Civic owners go home alone very often. Mustangs are examples of cars which are actually rubbish, but have high PDP.
by Gypsy101 April 28, 2009
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