A person who knows nothing about a fandom but decides too be in it.

Usually a teenage girl.

Pulling knowledge that is not true and that is very invalid.
"Sally thought Niall had brown curly hair!"
"OMG shes tots a newborn."
by Word girl April 7, 2014
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He's 18 a newborn and she's a 35 year old cougar
by Prince Kush October 1, 2009
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- A person who experiances an intese onset of a trip

- First time trip
damn after that girl kicked in she was a newborn
by Joeycracks October 5, 2007
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It is a town in Caloocan City in the Philippines, where geniuses, thugs, Gs, haters, and rural people from the country settled.

pertaining to a neonate, 28 day old infant
Fizzle: What up, nbb..where you from?
NBB:Well, im livin in Newborn, kid...d'yah know that?
Fizzle:Umm...i'm sorry, never heard of..

Oh! What a cute newborn!
by newbornballer June 11, 2005
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when a chick completely shaves the pubes off...smooth like a newborn
Q. Landing strip?
A. Nope, newborn, baby
by who f-ing knows August 21, 2006
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You need to get you some dubs and get rid of those newborns.
by T. Richardson May 17, 2004
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when a person shares physical characteristics with a newborn hamster due to being in an extreme state of drunkenness or tiredness. these characteristics include squinted, baggy, puffy or darkened eyes and pinkened skin.
"holy shit man, you look like a newborn hamster!"
by Laura MM October 11, 2006
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