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Bugatti Veyron 16.4(VW Group ) Fastest road car. Most Powerful production car. Most expensive production car. 8 litre, quad turbo,64 valve, W16 engine producing 1001 BHP at 6000rpm and 1250 Newtonmetres of torque between 2,200 and 5,500 rpm. Engine produces 2000HP in heat. 0-60mph 3 secs. 0-180mph 14 secs. Top speed 250mph+ (400kph+) Consuming a gallon of RON 98 and 45,000 litres of air in about a minute. Seven speed seqeuntial gearbox mated to dual clutch system sending power to all four wheels with a new traction control system. Tyres are widest ever fitted to production car, custom designed by michelin. Quite possibly the most advanced car the world has ever, and will ever see. If you have to ask the price, you cant afford it.
Etore Bugatti:"Nothing can be too beautiful or too expensive" ME"the Veyron makes an F1 car look pedestrian"
"The automotive equivilant of a speedball"

by Xris M June 12, 2006
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A 1930s Le Mans driver who had a car named after him. Pierre Veyron drove a Bugatti Type 57(the basis for the ultra-expensive, handcrafted Atlantique coupe).
Veyron's Type 57 looked a squillion times better than the Bugatti Veyron.
by Lockett April 09, 2008
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Currently the fastest production car, with a top speed of 253mph. V16 engine and a cost of 1.2 million. there are only 50 being made per year, with 2006 being the first release year. Bugatti is the make, an old racing company currently owned by VW.
person 1 "The Veyron could give a F1 racer a run for its money."
pserson 2 "Only on a straight track. F1 cars pwn cornering"
by inawe January 18, 2006
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Pretty much the most high-end supercar someone can get. Manufactured by Bugatti in Europe, and has finally been released to the U.S. The Bugatti can top the fastest cars in the world with 250+ mph and a whopping 1000+ horsepower mid-engine. It has so much power that the Bugatti Veyron needs two keys to use all of its power. If you reach its top speed the tires will begin to melt and a whole tank of gas will be gone in a matter of minutes. The Veyron costs around $1.5 million and you have to pay nearly half of it up front before they even think about building one for you. Only a handful of people in the U.S. today own one.
Guy 1: Dude on MTV cribs I saw this one music producer with a Veyron man!

Guy 2: Aww man that is so tits! I would kill someone in front of their own mama for a Veyron!

by Cartmann April 16, 2007
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