A supervisor in a factory that seems to think they have more power over the employees than the actual factory manager does.
Her team leader's name is Don. He is such an asshole.
by LaDeena June 4, 2006
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A ridiculously dedicated and talented individual who consistently ignores their own wants/needs, juggles multiple priorities and keeps their team hyper-motivated.

A serious badass who may go without recognition (or sleep) for extended periods of time.

Team Leaders are highly trustworthy. They have everyone's respect, make good bank and earn every penny of it.
My team leader is seriously legit. I would run through a brick wall for that guy!
by highlanddesign October 4, 2021
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A Fortnite skin that has the biggest tits in the game, i't was a valentines day exclusive skin but it keeps coming back into the damn shop. If you are a furry irl you will buy this skin, and being fucking pink means you'll be seen from 69 miles away. I't cost 2,000 v-bucks/20 dollars.
person 1: Bro do you have the cuddle team leader skin in Fortnite?
by Radar_the_foxxo^w^ June 23, 2018
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The skunk team leader is the head of the Skunk Team, which is a group of people who can't, or didn't catch a fish.
Did you hear? there's a new skunk team leader outta New York! He got skunked again!
by Riggitybop March 1, 2021
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A ridiculously dedicated person that is over worked and underpaid for the services to an amazing University. And is not allowed to take off sick even if infected with the swine flu.
one of the best orientation team leaders ever discovered
by SwineInfected August 19, 2009
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SHITE DEV - Savvyy, SS Kazza and Uncle Drew
Person 1: Hey, is that dev team leader Ste?

Person 2: Yeah, he's a shite dev.
by Garry Oniel September 30, 2021
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