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aka Shay Butler, a famous YouTuber known for his hilarious and random antics. He first came on the YouTube scene through his friend Philip DeFranco, aka sxephil or PhillyD. From there he began posting hilarious skits and collaborating with different YouTubers. Since then he has quit his job as a radio DJ for Idaho's Z103 and moved to California to work for The Station. He also started a vlog entitled SHAYTARDS in which he documents his life daily and posts it to YouTube. It has been a great success and is a large reason why he remains high on the YouTube most subscribed list. He is married to Katilette and he has three children, and for the purpose of the vlogs, they are named Sontard, Princesstard, and Babytard. The names are a result for Shay's The Shaytards are currently expecting a fourth baby boy and are planning to move back to Idaho on April 1.
Did you see ShayCarl throw Babytard in his last SHAYTARDS vlog?
by Mr. Rawr January 14, 2010
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Awesome and hilarious person. He is a radio DJ in Ohio ( He is on youtube and BlogTV and does shows every tues., Thurs. and everywhere in between
EmptyIsAwesome: "Hey do you know if shaycarl is having a secret show tonight?"

noob: "who's shaycarl?"
by STRFTW October 21, 2008
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A hilarious, bearded fat man who used to be a Radio DJ. He now is a Youtube Vlogger who is making a video every day for a year. He works for TheStation, a youtube channel that makes comedy videos (TheStation also includes the youtubers DaveDays, KassemG, Sxephil, and many others).

He resides in Florida with his wife, mommytard or katilette, and his children, Sontard, Princesstard, and Babytard. For security reasons, the family has decided to have the children go by these names on Youtube, but they have let slip that Babytard's real name is Emily, and Princesstard is Avia. Sontard's name is still unknown. The family together are the Shaytards.

Shaytard is also friends with TayZonday and CharlesTrippy, or CTFxC.
Charles: "Dude, Shaycarl is the best, I freaking love him!"
n00b: "Who is he?"
Charles: "......"
by HappyBitch October 03, 2009
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A disturbing individual who instead of getting a real job; exploits his children on a daily basis to place them on YouTube for profit. He continues doing this with complete disregard for their safety, wellbeing and reputation. Some viewers of his videos have even gone on to suggest that the authorities and YouTube/Google be contacted over the legality and ethicalness of his actions.

Today, shaycarl sits in the same basket as other YouTubers like SxePhil, HotforWords, Charlestrippy and Athenewins. Who continue to pollute and degrade YouTube for their own profit by flooding it with videos that have deceptive/hot women in the thumbnails/titles. Some individuals who upload videos are original, and do it because they think it’s a great idea that will capture the imagination of others. Others flood the site with random videos solely for their own profit. Shaycarl, is of course the latter.
Subscriber: Hey Shaycarl, you do know most of your subscribers are paedophiles, don't you?
Shaycarl: So?
Subscriber: So you are putting the safety of your family at risk.
Shaycarl: It's worth it because I don't have to get a real job!
Subscriber: You are an unfit father who should definately not have custody of your children.
by ytwatchcat April 14, 2010
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