Strong, independent,fun,loyal and fine as hell.a very loving person but once you cross her its over.the gurl everybody wants but dont get.shay is everything a person can ask for.
Shay is awesome with a fat ass.
by The goddesz December 23, 2016
Why does everyone think shay is a name just for girls

Anyways shay is cool
Shay is not a girl only name it is unisex
by Shayiscool April 11, 2019
Shay is my best friend. Beautiful smart pretty and never accepts compliments. Shay is a special person when you meet her and actually take the time to understand and know things about her. Shay seems like she doesn’t care and never gets hurt but she knows she does but doesn’t show it. She’s a strong nice funny person and loves to watch her special someone play sports. She’s one of the best people you’ll ever meet. I love you shay
Shay, ur such an awesome person...
by Someone...special... August 26, 2018
A tall good looking guy, who is a bit shy at first. Once you get to know him though you will not regret becoming friends one bit, they are secretly passionate and very outgoing and fun around the right people. Great sense of humor, and easy to get along with. They hold their emotions in most of the time, but are very caring and protective over people they care about. Shay is a person you fall in love with over time once you get to know them. Amazing inside and out, consider yourself lucky if you ever get to know a shay. You will never forget this person.
Wow that guy reminds me of shay, such a cutie.
by Peachscone December 25, 2018
Very beautiful and caring. Loves ppl and is willing to get hurt. She needs a boy who will love and respect her. Shes very quiet but speaks loud strong words. She loves watching her guy play sports and loves to hear guys sing mainly her someone special😘
by Someone...special... August 26, 2018
A girl who loves boys, hugs, cuddles, kisses, food and lastly, boys from her heart. She is initially a bit shy but as you get to know her, you find out that she's full of awesome.
Shay is awesome
by privatepeninsula August 14, 2014
Shay is a very loving person who will care for you whenever you need to be cared for. She can be a bitch at times and she is a very big slag but very loyal
by Alexa Murray May 7, 2019