One of the best cereals to be produced in the universe. Crunchy wheat exterior; creamy chocolate interior. No mortal can resist Krave's delicious glory.
Tom: Have you heard of that new Krave cereal Kellogg's is selling now?
Tim: Oh yeah dude, it's legit. I'm addicted to the stuff!
Tom: Holy crap, same here!
*high five*
by Dell Conagher August 20, 2012
Hottest and best frozen yogurt place in St. George Utah.
Teen 1: Let's go to Krave.
Teen 2: OK! Krave is as close to heaven you can get!
by KrazyKrave May 2, 2011
An intense, overwhelming desire to consume a Krispy Kreme doughnut, glazed, filled or otherwise
Dan: 'I could kill for a doughnut right now'
Jack: 'Omg me too, I have such a Krispy Kreme Kraving'
by byron171 October 25, 2010
by MintOrange September 19, 2019