any loser who thinks they are a rock star just because they think they are good at guitar hero or rock band
Ted:Hey, I just beat Through the Fire and Flames on expert, I am awesome hax0r

Ben:Thats cool and all, but, seriously, I can play a real guitar

Ted:Wow, no one cares, only old people play real guitars

Ben:STFU Rock-tard
by Pitt5truct0r February 26, 2008
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a relatively unknown non celebrity who is involved in music (although not many people know or care for it)and seems to think they are in legendary status and behave like they are a rockstar. Live in fantasy land inside their own head, population: 1.
changing ones first name to "vegas", then going on stage during a gig in a v small town and announcing the new name to the crowd of 5, is a beautiful example of a rocktard..
by candyfloss June 25, 2007
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in short: poser!!!
in long: a person who thinks they are rock because they bought a green day album and a band t-shirt. these people are just basically townies except they have the intelligence to except other types of music other than dance. rocktard probably has a friend who listens to rock music.
person 1: hey check it out im a rock chick!!!
person 2: *cough* rocktard *cough*
by rou rou September 21, 2005
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