My PCP issued me muscle relaxers for my back.
by Mr. Search Enginee October 16, 2005
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Jean-ya man, i've been on pcp the past couple days from all the food

Sam- I know right? What was in grandmas roast beef?
by asian invasion 69 December 26, 2008
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A powerful, mind rotting drug. Causes people to brutally kill others or hack themselves to pieces. Basically, it is like the flare from maze runner, except it wears off eventually.
PCP made that guy cut his tongue off and tie it on his finger so he 'wouldn't forget where he put it.'
by СукаБлять March 24, 2015
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PCP is the bomb. It makes you feel real good and you just dont care about anything. You dip a cigarette or joint in it and spark that up, and have the best night of your life.
by DranoShots February 28, 2008
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French abreviation for Pipi Caca Poil (Pee, Crap, Pube)
Used when group of very immature men gang up together. They stand in a circle while shouting loud PCP! PCP! PCP!
Greg: Moi, je fais pipi dans mon caca!
Jeff: Pipi et caca sont les meilleurs amis du monde, jusqu'a ce que poil s'en mele!
All together PCP! PCP! PCP!
by Mathilda January 27, 2005
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You know... that drug.
Also known as angel dust.
Crystal meth.
Sherman Helmsley.
Love Boat.
Ashy Larry...
by bigtones January 16, 2005
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Simply this, Penny Counting party. Not angeldust of course, what a rediculous notion.
Penny Count Counting Party Angeldust PCP
by trillgirl February 24, 2011
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