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The incremental process that we teach to our 3 year olds so that they know how to accurately articulate the number of desired cookies. Counting is sometimes used to achieve an election result, but more often is seen in the private sector as a mechanism of identifying the millionth product sold by a given manufacturer.
Ted: How did they figure out who bought the billionth McDonald's cheeseburger?

Ralph: They were counting.
by Kate Sjostrand February 14, 2008
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One two three four, I will screw you on the floor
Five six seven eight, don't worry I will ejaculate
Nine ten eleven twelve, we can do it on the shelves
Thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen, don't worry there will be a mess to clean
Seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty, if you want some more there's plenty
Twenty one twenty two twenty three twenty four, I can walk you to your door,maybe we can do some more
Twenty five twenty six twenty seven twenty eight, you'll be moaning this is great
Twenty nine thirty, thirty one thirty two, this is the story of how I'll fuck you.
by Ashley the anonymous August 29, 2015
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