1. (In reference to females) to become sexually aroused. A reference to a woman's vagina lubricating as part of arousal.
2. (In reference to males) to engage in sexual activity. A reference to either oral sex, where the penis contacts saliva, or to vaginal sex, where the penis contacts vaginal secretions.
1. Chris Hemsworth is so hot. I get wet every time I watch a Thor movie.
2. Caitlyn's been horny all evening. I'm going to get my dick wet tonight!
by Holzyhauser January 6, 2018
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Used by lesbians and bisexual women to refer to being aroused / turned on (e.g. physical reaction, secretion of natural lubricant).
When I see a girl like her I get wet.
by Sappho2010 November 10, 2009
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1) The way in which one spits to a girl. Referring to the girl getting wet.

2) Said after a made shot in beer pong, basketball, ect. To wet the ball is to make the shot.

3) Said to anyone after they did something sweet.
1) Get wet kelly
2) Get wet!
3) Get wet keener
by cynthiakeenerlvr September 25, 2009
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1. get lifted; high
2. get killed
3. get shot
1. "yo homes, we gettin wet"
2&3. "you left that nigga wet"
by DominerixicanoLinx August 15, 2005
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To bang 8's, 9's and 10's, while simultaneously not concerning oneself with 7's and below.
Mr. Omar is a 4 at best, but that guy will get wet every weekend.
by TrixR4losers May 25, 2011
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