Hey, did you hear Obama care is running for president again in 2020?
by Left_Nut69 October 30, 2019
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A term created by Ben Kamen meaning “I don’t care”, as a reply to anything someone says that’s stupid
Anthony: yo I did better than you on the stats exam.

Ben: Care
by thehuncho February 4, 2020
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said when you really don't. a very sarcastic statement that is usually funny.
Person one: oh wow! look at me i'm so great.

Person two: care.
by the1 September 26, 2003
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The definition of care is very subjective and complicated, just like Humans. The way they process, the way they think, the way they act. It's all different, all unique. But so is how they love. Humans are assholes, its almost as if that's their nature. But once an asshole always an asshole so, when they want to show love, some are assholes. Some Humans cry to show care. Some might be nice, as to not hurt their feelings, and be the best them. When they try and show care, they listen, and are rational. While some may confuse it is as being mean, being angry when showing love, comes from poor affection, or none at all when a child. They come from a place of hate so they speak from one as well. But they try and give the reason they feel angry, to seem as if they were so angry they care. Last but not least, the fake ones. The ones with an ulterior motive, to make them feel better about themselves. We all know who. They are the people that you have to be cautious around. Some may or may not mean what they say. When you think they meant it, then find out they didn't, knowing how to control how you feel, and accept it is a great defence against those who are there just to break you down. What I'm trying to say is that many people care but they show it all differently. When it comes to sensing the fake ones, you have to trust your gut, but defending against them requires rationality. But care cannot be defined objectively, it can only be seen for what it is
1.A You're so pretty it makes me want to vomit.

2.A I'm genuinely sad that I'll never look as good as you.

3.A You look really nice.

4.A I hate that you look so much better than me, you're so pretty that it sucks

1.B She cares about how you look so bad that it makes her sick.

2.B She cares about how she looks and thinks you look way better than herm

3.B They're being genuine.

by For. You. Ella. February 2, 2020
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1 - to be concerned or show empathy toward someone.

2 - to show affection or love to someone.
3 - to provide for someone in need.

4 - a recently used North American slang that emphasizes your lack of interest in a matter or to simply interrupt someone in conversation.
1/2 - You must realize how much I care for you.
3 - I will take care of all the work.

4 - How are you doing today?

Well I am doing...
by Team4Kira August 6, 2011
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Used when someone is trying to tell you something and you have no interest in what they are saying, so you put your hand up and say "Care!"
Girl: OMG i had the best day ever today!
Boy: CARE! (with hand motion)
Girl: (runs away crying)
by Ori M. December 5, 2005
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