A participant in the World Series of Dice. He was only supposed to be throwing out the trash.
Damn Larry, get upstairs and put on some lotion!
by Doombot March 11, 2004
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Another word for the illicit drug PCP
Shit son, this mothafuckin Ashy Larry has got me straight trippin!
by Niggas With Puppets March 24, 2005
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a man of african american origin that does not use lotion, therefore having ashy white sking, looking like a crack head
man did you see crackhead
he looked like ashy larry
by breakfast October 29, 2006
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the extremely unfortunate, yet undeniably hilarious place in time where an unlucky individual inadvertently picks up a semi-full beer can that a smoking party guest has ashed in and drinks or chugs it

"whoaa that dipshit just got an ashy larry."


"who the fuck left this ashy larry"
by lburgrecluse March 18, 2008
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My name is Langer and I just got owned by that fool Ashy Larry!
by Ashy Larry December 14, 2004
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