Aka phencyclidine (more commonly known as angeldust), is a hallucinogen. It has similar effects as LSD but is a lot more dangerous. It can act as a hallucinogen, stimulant, depressant, and anesthetic all at the same time and it used as a horse tranquiliser.
1 dose of PCP can last to up to a month.
by a7x rules August 05, 2006
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A party that is a flop
-yoo bro daves party was PCP

- I knew it!
by ginobudd June 09, 2009
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Designed as an anesthetic for humans, it worked well in the O. R., but the folks in Recovery started having a few problems. Usage on humans was unlicensed, but its use in Veterinary medicine continued.
Personally, PCP was a favorite of mine forty years ago. If you want your brain disconnected from the rest of your body, Acid is the MX missile, PCP is the Hydrogen bomb. I think the real problem with PCP, is that maybe four out of ten times you get a good trip. The rest will leave you so confused you won't know your name, leave you with serious injuries, and you just may act stupid enough to get yourself killed.
Hey, I just bought some THC! Larry G,
I'll take it before you kill yourself.
by Larry G January 04, 2005
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acronym for a great, safe-sex method consisting of a trifecta of (birth control) Pills, Condoms, and Pullout to combat pregnancy.
Hey man, ever worry about your girl getting knocked up?

Nope, when we're screwing we always use PCP-- she's on the Pill, I wear a Condom and make sure to Pullout. No babies for me, baby.

Hell yeah, amen to that!
by UCLAgenius August 14, 2009
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PCP or "Post Cum Piss"

The urination a person feels after they have ejaculated, usually has a burning sensation, and its followed by a comical "yelp" or scream
Mike- "Aye Yo Abe What are you doing in the bathroom"

Abe- "PCP man STFU
by Abek46 September 06, 2009
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Friend 1: I'm gonna PCP. Meanwhile, why don't you pick a movie to watch?
Friend 2: Uh, okay!
by Amymeow March 02, 2015
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