PCP or "Post Cum Piss"

The urination a person feels after they have ejaculated, usually has a burning sensation, and its followed by a comical "yelp" or scream
Mike- "Aye Yo Abe What are you doing in the bathroom"

Abe- "PCP man STFU
by Abek46 September 06, 2009
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Parks Committee of Pawnee

(as seen on Parks & Recreation, also known as the best show ever.)
PCP has been camped outside Chris Traeger's office all morning demanding that Pawnee's parks be reopened!
by Leslie Barbara Knope April 03, 2013
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The Post-Coital Piss. The piss taken immediately after intercourse (either with a lady or your own hand), preferably whilst still nursing a semi. The feeling of enjoyment is only marginally less than an orgasm. Second to the act of banging a fair lady, the PCP is one of the greatest things known to man.
Dave: I fucked the missus senseless last night, pulled out and ran to the bathroom with my still erect cock for a PCP. Bliss.
by dan_gsy December 11, 2011
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"You look like you got attacked by some pcp crazed strippers"- Dean Winchester
by Yourdad04 August 15, 2018
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Pop Chips Pizza Party. Refers to a party where there is no booze or drugs. Usually boring and should not be attended unless you have absolutely nothing else to do or you have a stash for yourself.
Ted: Dude you trying to go to Kelly's house?
Herb: No, every party she has had is PCP. I dont do those. If you wanna be a twat and squat to piss, you can go to it.
Ted: Ok...
by --Uzi-- September 18, 2007
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Friend 1: I'm gonna PCP. Meanwhile, why don't you pick a movie to watch?
Friend 2: Uh, okay!
by Amymeow March 02, 2015
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