The baddest gang in pine city! Members include Tray, Godd, G, Raco, and Smurf. Nobody can join without everyone wantin them in so dont even ask to join! We love to party and fuck some stupid bitches up!!
"who did that?"
"probably the PcP"
"who are they?"
"I dont know!"
by Lemon Friend September 12, 2006
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PCP us the abbreviated term used for Portadown Car Park. A place where all the local smicks go to cruise.
Here Darnell cmon down to PCP to get some nug nugs and go for a cruise
by Smickcentral February 26, 2017
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Hallucinogenic and stimulant drug causes violent erratic behaviour and total loss of control.
Gonna get me some P.C.P. and fly away out of the hood.
by Oblate July 25, 2018
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