1. peeing
2. anything relating to the penis or the vagina

I stuck her in the one hole last night
by num May 13, 2004
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A funny peice of comedy used by Spaceghost on the Spaceghost Coast to Coast episde "Boo Boo Kitty"
"One, one is the lonliest number you'll ever do... boo boo, oh what a fine cat, what a lovely wife you would have made."
by AciDroP July 26, 2003
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Six contestants are transported to β€œThe Plane” to compete in a competition for a wish for anything they want. Simple enough.

oh yea its also a object show
by harhsydhdg April 20, 2021
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Being emotional,down ,depressed,stressed out,empty feeling
This girls got me on E (stressing me tf out )
by King.tt February 03, 2018
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A multiplicative identity of a semiring. For a semiring R, 1 is defined as an element so that for every a being an element of R:
1βŠ—a = aβŠ—1 = a
Min-tropical semiring is a semiring (ℝ βˆͺ {+∞}, βŠ•, βŠ—) with βŠ• defined as min, and βŠ— defined as the addition of two numbers. By that definition, zero is +∞, and one is 0
by Xwtek May 28, 2020
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