Ah bitch dat talk to too many niggas
Ha lil ass ONE
by Main cappa December 03, 2020
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A woman (or man) with whom the person in question would be willing to have sexual intercourse. See binary system.
Two men walk down the street and see a hot woman walking in the opposite direction:

Guy 1: "One."
Guy 2: "Hell yeah that's a one!"
by gc123 July 08, 2007
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The act of wanting a one on one fight or some kind of duel against another person
1: your trash at yu-gi-oh and your stupid
2: I want my ones
by Yu-gi-oh master November 29, 2019
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A way of dismissing an asine conversation or person often sugested with little to no respect.

cris: yo lemme skill that L bitch you hit
cheder: nah bitch ONE
by Joeycracks August 15, 2007
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Added with delicate prose to the end of a statement, implying there are two choices (the two choices are readily available in the sentence- so more of a way to drive home the awesomeness or disgust of its subject)

Picture Uncle Billy & Grandpa speaking:
β€œBilly Bob, where’s ya’lls mama??”
β€œAt the Walmart in Stinesville or Bloomington, one.”
by Gigajules May 01, 2019
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