dfinition - a person that you are friends with. The slang word is used very often by the Olin Block Family Gang in South Arkansas.

by A-STATE RIDER March 08, 2009
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da hidden way of showing your on E... see how da E is da onli one das caps...?
nice shirt y's it say one..? no it says onE cuz im on extasy.
by MiZ StaCi August 11, 2003
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To fight another person, one on one fight.
Brooke's: Yo boy I'm gonna have to beat yo ass g

Antoine: You want yo ones with me bro come get it

Brooke's: You want to get yo ones with me?

Antoine: Let me get my ones g
by Lilnigshit April 16, 2017
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to end a converssation
yo im about to be out, one.
by PhillyKlown August 19, 2006
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People who have committed Murder One, or murder in the first degree. Colloquialised to mean any killer, hit man or hardened killer.
P1: Man, who the hell are those guys on the corner?
P2: Don't ask or mess with them... they're Ones!
by Mad Mofo September 06, 2007
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When a man has a penis and a penis has a man.
One? One. Won. Wun.
by fdfdsfdfsd August 10, 2003
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