That which has been foretold of the future by supernatural means and/or ability.
A Jewish Gentleman: "Be aware of the heretics! To say that Jesus is not the Messiah isn't the true prophecy!"

An atheist Gentleman: "Even though I don't believe in god, I understand that your ancestors have prophesied about a Messiah that is to come. I understand that Christians believe in a Messiah claiming that it already has fulfilled the prophecy. Did your prophets also prophesied about warning against someone like Jesus?"

Christian Gentleman: "I don't think god will twist his prophecy to confuse his people. It is always intentional and straightforward." Because Jews don't believe in their own prophecy, we are believing on their behalf that which also had been prophesied as well."

Urban Dictionary: "Stop arguing!! Prophecy of 'Messiah' refers to:

A. Someone who is to come
B. Who knows.
C. Jesus
D. John Doe
E. ___________ ( fill in the blank. Just give me your email address. Remember, it's public, address only first names, and no advertising.
by Serpentine Dove December 28, 2007
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A word that, in many stories, seems to be synomymous with "plot".
"You're going to be king one day!"
"Because the prophecy says so!"
by The Gone One March 23, 2009
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Can see the future, does not have a chode , own the poonani .
that kid is pulling a prophecy, he owns that girls poonani with his long schlong.
by prophecy May 21, 2003
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THE PROPHECY: An act that must be fulfilled by the chosen one, (Eddie), to complete the requisite imposed upon by his ancestors before him. THE PROPHECY requires the aforementioned Eddie, to slob on his own knob to avoid angering his ancestors and to prevent them from turning him into a sheep. (Their natural form). Eddie first received note of his gift on one adventerous 6th grade day.
Person 1: Yo where tf eddie at?
Person 2: PROPHECY
Person 3: Huh?
Person 4:
by Macaroni and Cheese Warrior August 22, 2021
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A digital solo synthisizer made by Korg between 1995 and 1997, used by such musical geniouses as Josef Zawinul and Jonny Greenwood.

"Dude, your synth is making me orgasm!"
"yeah, it's a Korg Prophecy you n00b!"
by MaikiaM August 21, 2008
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The greatest song ever created. Period. It perfectly balances wanting singing along and hold up a lighter and moshing. Written by Asking Alexandria.
I don't care if you like post-hardcore or not, listen to A Prophecy right now, you won't regret it.
by Nuggetsauce January 18, 2014
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Prophecy is an alternative artist from Brooklyn, New York. Prophecy Combines Elements of Rock, Punk Screamo, Post-Hardcore, Emo Music creating a unique style of Punk Rock Music, Emotional Hardcore Punk Rock or Emocore, Emo Rap, Screamo and Creating a nostalgic atmosphere, Along with Confessional, Passionate, Poetic Lyrics discussing Heartbreak, Nostalgia, Agnst, Romance. Prophecy’s sound of Emo punk Rock, Emo Rap Music merges styles of the New Wave Emo Rap like artist Lil Peep, By using Sampling, indie rock instruments “emotional” Style Lyrics and Merges it with Sounds from Mid 2000’s Attack Attack! And Of Machines by Recording Real Instruments and alternative rock indie rock pop punk instruments, of Late 2010’s, The element of Screamo gives it a more Agressive Style using Screamed Vocals witch Sometimes gives the music a more underground feel.His Goth/Emo Fashion, Black eyeliner and black fingernails, Skinny Jeans,Tattoos reflects his Artwork, and Muisc
Wow Prophecy is an amazing screamo artist
by Prophecyofficial August 4, 2018
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