Neos are one of the ones who stand out the most. Wether it's standing tall, his broad structual body or just the beautiful handsome look. The creative minds of these special human beings are filled with love, passion and definetly their lovable act of humbleness. They can definetly be shy at times but will soon come around once he accepts the comfortableness of his surroundings. Also known as "The One" from the famous film The Matrix, Neos do tend to sometimes be "The One" in situations when it comes to love. The love and compassion a Neo can bring to you once he goes through his "Shy phase" will leave your heart racing forever as his love is unconditional. They do tend to always be goofy and share a laugh when they are bored but when it comes to being serious, they definetly know how to calm their state of mind. So overall I HIGHLY suggest not to lose a Neo, because once you find one, you dont ever want let this beautiful being go.
" Omg i just met your boyfriend Neo, hes amazingly suprising "

" I know right, im pretty sure I've found The One "
by AnonymousGlamour158 May 25, 2018
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Neo is the emotionless guy that can shock you once you finally get to know him. They usually have black short hair and brown eyes with a really deep voice. Neo's are secretly nice and caring, and does better showing affection when face to face instead of texting or Skyping. Neo is a gamer and also tends to have bad timing when having a photo taken. Neo's also tend to love only one girl. Their affection for their girlfriend is never expressed really well due to shyness or awkwardness. But its okay they're usually really nice guys that care a lot. Neo's get jealous over their significant other easily as well as overprotective. Neo's are weird and usually attract weird girls, but thats okay they like weird. Neo's don't make the first move often either, they usually like the girls that will try to annoy them for a couple of days and break open his shell. Neo's are cautious with falling in love but once they do their set on that one girl.

Once you find a Neo don't let them go.
Girl 1: Omg did you see Neo today!?
Girl 2: Did you hear him!? His voice sounds so amazing!
Girl 1: But hes taken by some weird chick. And you guys know he'll be set on that girl for like ever.
Girl 3: But they make a good couple, its forever no matter what. You guys don't stand a chance.
by CreativitiesAbyss January 10, 2015
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Main chracter in the Wachowski brothers Matrix trilogy. Neo is played by actor Keanu Reeves. Neo is a mythical man and his coming was fortold in a propehcy.
Neo is really amazing! Look at his uber skills!
by 1337 Fork July 31, 2005
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1. (V) To raid, usually about raiding Minecraft/Discord servers.

2. (N) A person who is really delusional, or “flawed”.

(Censored version: n**)
1. Hey, can we neo this server? Never mind, someone else already neod it.

2. Don’t be such a neo.
by ryancflam December 21, 2018
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Neo is a very kind person and has a good heart he might be a bit self conscious but is very funny. Neo’s have amazing personality and always makes you laugh he always looks after girls and respects them. They normally have lovely shiny brown hair and ocean eyes and a medium height they will buy you gifts and treat people well. They are very good friends to have and very good looking.
Neo’s is a amazing person
by The dog has a willy October 22, 2019
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Neo is a ton gang gang leader that punches everyhting
Neo is a gnag leader of tns
by Kiye March 15, 2020
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