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Interjection: a word most commonly used in dire, stressful, or really intense situations. Can also be used when one is very pissed off.
When the tree fell on Jesus' car, he yelled, "goddamit!!!"

"While I was driving home, I nailed this squirrel at 50mph. Goddamit, now I gotta clean the shit off my car!!"

Teacher: "OK class, your first midterm is tomorrow."
Student: "Goddamit!"

Dr. Evil: "So what'll it be, Mr. Powers? Save your girlfriend, or save your mojo?"
Austin: "Goddamit!"
by The Storm Drains May 03, 2008
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(v) Trying not to laugh. Holding in a laugh. Holding back a sneeze. The act of being caught when you "got to admit" something is funny.
Jeezle Lorretta! This duckfoot is killing me. See how it sticks to my leg? I godda mit that this would be really funny if your mom caught us.
by The Furdler October 03, 2008
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