She wanted 12 inches, so I fucked her twice.
See above. See above. ^^
by teh133735t March 4, 2005
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about the size of half a foot-long sandwich
hey, dude, can you share that foot-long
ok man here have 6 inches
by notfive April 21, 2020
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A punishment particularly common in the Irish dancing community. Children who are victims of this evil practice are forced to lie down on their backs and raise their ankles six inches above the floor, putting a lot of strain on their abs, for between 30 seconds and 2 minutes.

Despite this, many teachers more often use the phrase as an empty threat.
You're eleven seconds late - you have to do 6 inches.
by graedion May 30, 2018
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Joe: Mine is six inches how big is yours?
Jeff: Mine is too!
by Othello March 2, 2005
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Actually, the average length of an American penis is 6 inches; however, the average length of a Canadian penis is 6 and a half inches.
While reading my biology textbook, I discovered that Americans have a smaller average penis size (6 inches) than Canadians.

*Shrugs* can't deny the facts.
by Rae Kitten February 16, 2006
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a guy game where you measure 6 inches from the persons arm with you outstretched pinky and thumb (like the hang ten sign) and punch through over and over until they say stop. like the game of mercy
"i'm bored. wanna play 6 inches?"
by lauren September 1, 2003
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*wiggle pinky and begins 2 laugh maniacally*
by Maki and Kichiko February 27, 2005
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