Soft and chewy candy with flavor that lasts from head to tail.
I would like some Swedish Fish right now, but not as much as I'm fiending some Erin.
by FuzzyMonkey September 24, 2003
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Have you ever tried the best thing ever? You mean Swedish Fish? Yes!!

Do you know that Swedish fish are the best things ever and anyone who disagrees is fundamentally an asshole and deserves to be buried under President Reagan?
by Swedish Fish August 11, 2014
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A delcious fruity red candy

Unless your named ben and live in new york. Then its a real fish.
Normal Perosn says," Get me some swedish fish to eat for the movie."

Ben says, " Did you see how fast that swedish fish swam?"
by Benny March 10, 2006
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A prime example of the Swedish spirit. To make so much, with so little. Red candies with one singular taste, that never the less remain absolutely delicious from start to finish. Seriously, I'd eat a Swedish bitches herps if she told me they were Swedish Fish.
"Go grab me some Swedish Fish, you fuckin' prick."
by Dr. Goodethyme, PHd. March 4, 2007
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A candy, that was created by a swedish company, but mostly sold in the US. Most of swedes are unawere of their existance
Random american: "woow, it's a swedish fish? How yummy!
Random swede: A what?
by xXSwedishfishXx June 19, 2020
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When you put a live fish into a girls vagina, then have sex with her until the fish bites your penis.
Linda and I had some Swedish Fish last night.
by ThatGuyWhoMadeThat May 24, 2015
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