n. 1) An Austrian corporation, known for it's fine pistols, though it also manufactures entrenching tools and knives. Glock pistols are unique in that they have no external safties, and are made with high-impact polymers - though they are 80% steel, and will set off metal detectors.
2) Gaston Glock, the company's founder and President.
3) Slang: An expensive-looking semi-automatic pistol.
1) The robbers pulled out Glocks and pointed them at the bank employees.

2) I had a chat with Mr. Glock.

3) "Yo' G, hook me up wit' 'dat Glock!"
"Actually, sir, that is a Sig-Sauer."
"'Dat be wack!"
by Spock July 13, 2003
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Glocks are Austrian handguns first produced in 1980. The gun uses a polymer frame but can still set off metal detectors, as 40% of the gun is polymer, the rest is metal. The Glock 17 was the first of the series, but it was not named the 17 based on its capacity, but its place as 17th product in the Glock company. The Glocks use a modified Browning locked breech short recoil operating principle to fire(except the .380 compact models which are blowback operated). The Glock types have since increased and now the models range from 17-39 in calibers .380, 9mm, .40 caliber, 10mm, .45 ACP, and .45 GAP(a shorter Glock made round stands for "Glock Automatic Pistol")
The guns go in this order.
1. The Glock 17 in 9mm.
2. The Glock 18, the full auto varient of the Glock 17.
3. The Glock 19, a compacted version of the Glock 17 still in 9mm.
4. The Glock 20, in 10mm.
5. The Glock 21 in .45 ACP.
6. The Glock 22 in .40 caliber.
7. The Glock 23, the compact version of the 22, still in .40 cal.
8. The Glock 24, the competition model of the 22, now discontinued, still in .40 cal.
9. The Glock 25, the version similair to the Glock 19 but in .380 caliber. This model uses a blowback operation.
10. The Glock 26 is the sub-compact version of the Glock 19.
11. The Glock 27 is the .40 caliber version of the Glock 26.
12. The Glock 28 is the sub-compact version of the Glock 25 in .380 caliber.
13. The Glock 29 is the 10mm subcompact version similair to the 26.
14. The Glock 30 is the .45 ACP version of the Glock 29.
15. The Glock 31, in .357 Sig caliber.
16. The Glock 32, the compact Glock 31 still in .357 Sig.
17. The Glock 33 is the subcompact version of the 32 still in .357 Sig.
18. The Glock 34 is the competition version of the Glock 17 in 9mm.
19. The Glock 35 is the .40 caliber version of the Glock 34(competition gun).
20. The Glock 36 is the super compact "slim line" .45 ACP model.
21. The Glock 37, in .45 GAP(glock automatic pistol).
22. The Glock 38 is the compact version of the Glock 37, still in .45 GAP.
23. The Glock 39 is the sub-compact version of the Glock 37.

They have also upgraded in generations. The first generations are plain with flat handles and flat front noses. The 2nd generations added hand stepping on the front of the handle and serrations on the back. The newest 3rd generation models have a new tactical rail mount on the nose, finger grooves in the handle, and a thumb indent on both sides. The Glock has been tested proven reliable, being submerged in seawater for a week, cleaned and fired and functioned flawlessly. Glocks have beem favored by many for almost 30 years and is a common standard issued handgun of law enforcment.
1. The officers broke through the door, Glock 22 in hand.
2. The man was killed instantly by 33 9mm rounds from a Glock 18, firing at 1300rpm.
3. The officer had lost his gun, so he drew his spare rod, a Glock 36 strapped to his ankle.
by Gunmaster45 July 27, 2008
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yeah she's fine, just like my glock
by Kambrose Whitehorse February 20, 2009
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A polymer-framed, steel-slide (primarily) semi-automatic handgun. Contrary to poular belief, a Glock will set off metal detectors, as not only is it 85% metal, but the polymer frame has metal particles imbedded in it. They are known for their reliability, as they have about 30 fewer parts than most other semiautomatic handguns. They're manufactured in 9X19mm, .357 sig (which is a 9mm round crimped in a .40 shell casing), .380, .40 S&W, 10mm auto, .45 ACP. Although generally semiautomatic, the Glock 18 is manufactured for law inforcement and is capable of firing in full-automatic. A Glock has three safties, none are manual. The hammer is concealed within the slide, and is non-user accessable. The hammer is kept at half-cock. Glock handguns are criticized for their angled, ugly looks, occaisonally uncomfortable grips, and needlessly complicated safety mechanisms. The Glock is unable to fire all-lead bullets (it can only fire jacketed rounds) due to it's polygonal rifling, to which lead sticks.
"My 1911A1 could kick your Glock's ass"
by James Bell April 6, 2006
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It's the Honda Civic of handguns. It's very basic and nothing to really brag about, but it gets the job done. Stock Glocks are definitely not worth telling your range buddies about. The real show is modifying and upgrading.

If you want a match-grade trigger, you can do a ten-cent trigger job or buy a new trigger. If you want a match-grade barrel, you can buy one for as little as $100. If you want tritium sights, buy them, then it's easy to install. The aftermarket for Glock (especially Gen 3) is so strong that you can buy custom-made frames and tacticool parts.

Glock 19s are one of the most popular concealed carry handguns in the United States. It's basically the benchmark for modern concealed carry handguns.

The Glock 44 (a .22LR) is absolute shit. Don't buy one. They have a tendency to blow up.
"Dis my Glock .40, dis my problem solver."

"My buddy bought a Glock 17, it's so bland."
"At least it's not a Hipoint."

"I just added a match-grade barrel and TruGlo sights to my Glock 26."
by TheSuperTrooper September 16, 2020
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1. Bell in German. Therefore a glockenspiel is a bell game.
2. Surname of renowned Austrian industrialist, Gaston Glock.
3. Name of a prominent Austrian plastic and tenifer coated steel manufacturer - Glock GmbH.
4. A modern semiautomatic pistol made by Glock GmbH that combines such desirable features as extremely light weight, phenomenal durability, reliability, firepower and an unsettling ability to inspire crappy African-American hate music.
1. Ich habe eine glock.
2. Glock has just been sued again by some dick who shot off one of his own nuts by accident. Of course, when you do that by pulling the trigger of a loaded gun, it's obviously the manufacturer's fault.
3. I'm taking my GLOCK underwater to do some shark huntin'.
by Lior Bar-On August 16, 2004
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good luck cock-
for special occasions in which flowers or wine just won't do
I drew a Glock on Jon's yearbook
by jamaican me crazy bitch December 6, 2008
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