A number used to describe a woman who's looks fail the general 1-10 test.

In addition: A woman labeled a -2 more than likely is packing a ball sack which has the ability to retract away inside the body.
"On a scale of 1 to 10... -2"
by SteveTheBoxMan November 3, 2009
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1. A Person who lacks skills in internet gaming even after hours of practice,
2. A Person who can score less than 0 in a game
3. A Person who gets 0wn3d in every match, regardless of who he is playing.
4. A Person who resorts to driving a vehicle to score kills.
5. A Person who claims to be amazing at a game but turns out to suck ass.
epic failure at internet gaming;
E.g. scoring -2 in a 1 point per kill death match(halo 1)
by Scott Gardiner November 9, 2007
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A slang term typically used in grime meaning lots of.
"2-2 haters, calm though" Chip raps in fester skank remix.
by londongrimescene November 29, 2015
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.22 caliber.
A small rimfire cartridge, used for target shooting.
Three variations of .22 caliber exist: .22k (short), .22lr (long rifle), and .22WinMag (Winchester Magnum).
Sometimes used incorrectly to refer to a derringer, which is often chambered in a larger caliber.
"He didnt think I was packing, so I busted out my 2-2 and copped me a 187"
by .357ROB October 1, 2003
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Also known as a 4-by-4 (or any multiple of 2). Describes someone with an abnormally large ass.
"She's got a 2-by-2 on her, don't she?"
"I gotsh me a 4-by-4"
by Cowboy Chick February 7, 2014
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