A shortended form for the Technics SL-1200 Mk2 type of turntable, very popular with DJs.
Mike just got himself two 1200's.
by Veldrin October 15, 2004
“Listen to what your heart pumps for. It beats for what it loves.”
N.R. Hart, Poetry and Pearls
1200...Tell me 555
by Flaming Hearts November 15, 2022
A Group Of Certified Smackers From South Apopka. Known For being unbeatable Don’t Fuck with 1200 Unless You Really on your shit because a 1200 Ass Whooping won’t feel Good!
1200 Should Not be played with!
by John Matthews May 31, 2019
The plural form othe Technics SL-1200, the most used DJ turntable in the world.
DJ Draw rocks two 1200's and dusty hip hop vinyls all day.
by hiphopdraw August 9, 2007
A Very Known & Popular Group Right Outside Of Dallas, Texas. Known To Be The Most Hated In The City Because There Richer Than All There Opps, & There Opps Are Broke. This Group Of Individual’s Do Not Promote Violence.
“Hey Lets Go Take Pictures At The Famous 1200 Block”
by Breadcrumbs3000 August 23, 2022