A really flexible, a bit too flexible, product made by idiots that just want to make an iPhone 5 look thinner.
My tenth iPhone 6 just bended the other day.
by LordBobiscuis October 10, 2014
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The incorrect way to spell/refer to a Samsung Galaxy S5
Alec: Have you seen the iPhone 6, it's completely new and innovative and not trying to compete with other superior phones at all!

Chris: Are you kidding me? The iPhone 6 is just an iPhone 5 that looks like a Samsung Galaxy S5
by WiddelyScuds September 17, 2014
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An overhyped and overpriced piece of cow diarrhea revealed in September by the blokes at Apple.
It includes features such as an HD (760 pixel x-axis) display, 1.4 ghz processor, quad core graphics, a mediocre 8 megapixel camera, TouchID, and a near field communication inductor coil.
Apple claims all features mentioned above are a marvel of engineering and pioneering, however Samsung and Sony released flagships back in 2012 which sported better benchmarks and specifications, for a much less inflated price tag.
Apple Fan Boy: Hey dude, I bought the new IPhone 6 and 6 Plus!
Android Owner: Really? How much did that cost you?
Apple Fan Boy: It was worth your annual grocery and petty expenses!
Android Owner: All right then. What is its pixel density?
Apple Fan Boy: Pixel density of what?
Android Owner: The display! (duh)
Apple Fan Boy: Ooooh Retina HD!
Android Owner: Nooooo I meant pixels per inch!
Apple Fan Boy: Errrrrrr. 760p
Android Owner: (Facepalm) NOOOOO! It is only 326 pixels per inch! Instead of wasting a thousand dollars on that piece of garbage, you could've picked up the Xperia Z for $199 which has a full HD "retina" display, 13 megapixel camera, quad core one and a half gigahertz processor, and faster quad core graphics! God, what sort of mind control is Crapple using?!?
by A340Captain November 07, 2014
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Is like the iPhone 7 and 8 but has a terrible battery life of three and a half hours. Looks the same as an iPhone 6. The only distinguishing feature between the two is an unremarkable s in a box below the word iPhone. It pretty much sucks.
Person 1: Hey! Is that a YouTube video? Turn up the brightness so I can see!
Person 2: Sorry, I can’t. It’s an iPhone 6s.
Person 1: That sucks
Person 2: Yeah I know
Person 1: You should upgrade to a 7 or 8!
Person 2: Yeah, but they do the same things as the 6s!
Person 1: Hmm... that sucks.
Person 2: Yeah. It sucks.
by Publix November 13, 2018
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