Ologist: Latin for one who studies

Meteor: Greek for being wrong 73% of the time
The meteorologist is allowed to be wrong, but if I'm wrong 73% of the time I get fired.
by Latisha Marie August 24, 2019
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(n.) a sensationalist in scientist's clothing with a propensity for being incorrect while looking good on camera.

See also: snake oil salesman.
The meteorologist on television told me to prepare for the storm of the century, so like a dutiful follower I stocked up on foodstuffs and necessities. Alas, it was just a thunderstorm.

Damn, meteorologists seem to have less scientific backing than fortune tellers! I cannot believe I cancelled my weekend plans because of their forecast!
by Descartes B. Forthehorse August 28, 2011
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A person who gets paid to guess what the weather will be on a daily and weekly basis.
It's raining, but the meteorologist said it would be sunny and 75 for the fourth day in a row.
by Jesse114 January 15, 2019
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one of the few professions where you can be horrible wrong and still be able to keep your job...they usually make good side money from supermarkets and hardware stores by broadcasting phony weather alerts causing people to stampede aisles in search of a myriad of things they will never use in this lifetime...often blame their obscenely obvious mistakes on the unpredictabilty of a fictional character named "Mother Nature"
- "What did you say you do again?"
- "I'm a meteorologist."
- "Oh. So you study meteors and shit?"
- "Not quite. Basically I get paid to be wrong and suck
at my job."
- "No way dude! You're the fucking President?"
by Twisther Tornadough April 18, 2007
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liar liar liar liar liar
The meteorologist said there would be 3 inches of snow. We got 36 inches.
by slapshot42 December 17, 2005
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Nothing even related to the badasses in the movie "Twister".
"Goddammit, being an actual meteorologist sucks!"
by TravisFant April 4, 2008
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