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To take up time and space. Often confused with "Invade", the act of infiltration.
The protesters camped out in the park to "Occupy" the space as an act of civil disobedience.
by Decidedvoter October 28, 2011
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To fill time and/or space in order to require others to pay atetntion to your message, while instead creating confusion and chaos, often negating any chance to accomplish any previously established goals.
"Occupy Atlanta is today! I've seen something on the internet about this in other cities, so I should occupy Atlanta even though I have no idea why people are occupying Atlanta!"
by CouchOccupier February 04, 2012
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The act of going to an establishment to partake in its goods and services. Most commonly used in the context of getting something to eat or using the restroom. Used in an episode of South Park ridiculing the Occupy Wall Street movement.
I'm gonna occupy myself some pizookies from BJ's.
by Cubemaster January 01, 2012
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