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When a girl is giving a guy a blowie & he is simultaneously rubbing her clit with his toe & has the other toe up her anus.
Andrew's girl really gets off when she gets her toetoranus fix.
by KDUBAKAKZA February 20, 2010

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When a girl wears hoop earrings so large, you can pull them back and use them as handles when you're fucking her doggy style.
The guy Shanequa brought home from the club promised to take her and her 8 kids to Disneyland, but all he ended up doing was fucking her doggy style, taking those big ass hoop earrings she wore, and giving her Mickey Mouse Ears.
by KDUBAKAKZA June 22, 2011

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A satirical quip suggesting protest of something, usually found at the closing of a social networking comment, following the 2011 "Occupy Wall Street" protests. The hash tag would suggest usage on Twitter, but can be found on any number of social sites, including Facebook.
User 1 tweet/status update: "I can't believe this! The iPhone 5 isn't coming out until at LEAST 2012! Ridiculous!"

User 2 comment: #occupyapplestore
by KDUBAKAKZA November 29, 2011

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When a G is fresh to def from head to toe. Generally this gangsturrr will have the hottest, hard to find kicks on the planet and will exclaim "Yo I got these authentic Big Foot Feet with the toenails dipped in gold on eBay for only 6 hundo player!"
Kev Dawg came to the meeting wearing mismatched socks, but he was still "G'ed up from the feet up" in those new yeezy's.
by KDUBAKAKZA September 04, 2012

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