1: A guitar that uses a large resonance box to amplify and broadcast sound. Generally mellower than other kinds of guitars. Since it doesn't require an amp to be heard, it's much more portable than an electric. Often combined with mics or pre-amps for playing in venues.

2: A type of guitar often used at parties by music-illiterate dicks trying to steal your girlfriend.
1: "I really love the tone on this Takamine acoustic guitar. The cedar construction really gave it a warm sound."

2: Guy with acoustic guitar: *singing* I gave my love a cherry / That had no stone / I gave my love a chicken / That had no bones / I gave my love a story / That had no end / I gave my...
Bluto: *grabs the guitar and smashes it against the wall* Sorry. - Animal House
by ncstate boy June 23, 2006
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A forbidden instrument because of its power that it possesses to play the forbidden song sweet home alabama. This song is forbidden for many reasons.
A: He now owns the legendary acoustic guitar
B: How does one possess so much power?
by penismanhuge December 15, 2020
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anyone who grows out their beard and only showers every other day. You would most likely see an acoustic guitar guy walking their skinny bikes around bus stops with their hand-made satchels and loose comfortable clothes such as: wool caps, anything from urban outfitters , usually reek of marijuana , and may have a dog and of course, an acoustic guitar. Although they are called acoustic guitar guys, they might not always have an acoustic guitar.
Bus stop
"acoustic guitar guy": Hey bro you have any spare change for the bus?
guy: no i gave it to the other acoustic guitar guy
"acoustic guitar guy": thats cool man
guy: ya sorry
by Biff mcalister January 8, 2011
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Profile of an acoustic guitar guy: The AGG can be found most often at college campuses and teen camps. The AGG is under the impression that he's very gifted when it comes to playing guitar, but in actuality is quite bad. He attempts to cover this up by singing and occasionally flipping his long hair, so long as it's not in his favorite hairstyle, the man-bun. His rolled pant legs and flip-flops are a desperate attempt to communicate that he doesn't care. The ultimate success to an AGG is acquiring a group of girls with low self-esteem and no musical talent, so that they are unable to recognize that he is really not great at guitar.
"Crap. All I wanted was coffee, but now this Acoustic Guitar Guy is going to impose his lousy music on me."
by Cmaliso September 28, 2015
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A body type in between beach bod and eating Fritos. A sort of semi fat hourglass shape.
“She has an hour glass shape but she is a bit heavy.”
“Yeah she has the acoustic guitar bod.”
by I’m not a sexist but February 19, 2021
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A guitar that has 12 strings, 3 bass strings, 3 tenor strings, and 6 octave strings that pair with each string. Each octave string is tuned to the same key as it's other string, but also remain an octave higher. They create a rich and powerful sound that pairs good with loud and forceful singing, and is commonly used by buskers and professional performers. All tunings of course work with these, but the common and most effective tunings are standard tuning, and are commonly tuned to key of D, C, and B, tuning.
A famous and very talented performer, Lead Belly, used a 12-string acoustic guitar as his signature instrument, and usually had his guitar tuned to Standard B tuning for a wide range of songs and notes. He one of the most influential guitar players, and introduced many people to the 12-string.
by Ryuhou96 March 30, 2015
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