duder #1 - hey whats up dude?
duder #2 - nothing at all. i'm gonna go check the space
by human=garbage August 14, 2006
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A period of extreme focus; the opposite of being "spaced out".
Did you see him out there? I couldn't shake him; he must have really been spaced in!
by robulastage April 15, 2010
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That shit in the sky that has planets and stars and shit. If you don't know what space is you must be a dumbass.
Gee I love space. Especially the stars in space
by EmilyAndAustinDefineStuff June 12, 2012
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The one place that hasn't been corrupted by capitalism
"Commander, you've rained on my glorious parade. For this, I'm sending everything I got at you. But I won't let you have the satisfaction of catching me. I'm escaping to one place that hasn't been corrupted by capitalism...SPACE"
by Mad_Dot_Sushi April 2, 2021
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verb: to space. The act of forgetting or losing total concentration due to a lack of HRAM or drug induced semi-consciousness.
"Dude, I totally spaced. I couldn't tell you where I've been since you started talking."
by Mike G April 8, 2004
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Brilliant Channel 4 show starring Simon Pegg. Spawned the excellent romzomcom, Shaun of the Dead.
Oh yes! Spaced is on!
by Snake July 18, 2004
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