Those mutant humans squatting in the inner cities who want to eat you and are immune to all logic or appeal to rationality.
Will Smith in I AM LEGEND tried to point out the truth to the Occupiers but their brains were infected and they wouldn't listen to his reasoned explanation.
by OneAndOnlyZel January 12, 2012
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n. The ultimate goal of the Occupy Wall Street protesters, and, by extension, the goal of protesters everywhere, in any field (or parking lot).

We are not rudderless slackers with no goals. We are fighting for a piece of the occupie!

Not much of a fight dude.
by gnostic1 October 29, 2011
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To take up time and space. Often confused with "Invade", the act of infiltration.
The protesters camped out in the park to "Occupy" the space as an act of civil disobedience.
by Decidedvoter October 29, 2011
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n. The elusive "something" that "Occupy Wall Street" protesters are trying to obtain a piece of. It could be justice; it could be peace; it could be ineffable. Whatever it is, they all want a piece of the occupie.

Dude! Scrape the peace stickers off your dad's old hippie tent and let's get down to Wall Street and grab a piece of that occupie.

Should I grab his acoustic guitar too?

No. It doesn't seem to have that protest-song vibe. Also, there are porta-potties and a lack of stoners selling each other hand-made jewelry.

It will come man. It will come.
by gnostic 1 October 17, 2011
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A satirical quip suggesting protest of something, usually found at the closing of a social networking comment, following the 2011 "Occupy Wall Street" protests. The hash tag would suggest usage on Twitter, but can be found on any number of social sites, including Facebook.
User 1 tweet/status update: "I can't believe this! The iPhone 5 isn't coming out until at LEAST 2012! Ridiculous!"

User 2 comment: #occupyapplestore
by KDUBAKAKZA November 30, 2011
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To fill time and/or space in order to require others to pay atetntion to your message, while instead creating confusion and chaos, often negating any chance to accomplish any previously established goals.
"Occupy Atlanta is today! I've seen something on the internet about this in other cities, so I should occupy Atlanta even though I have no idea why people are occupying Atlanta!"
by CouchOccupier February 4, 2012
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someone who sits in the stall for longer than necessary to feel safe from the invading 99ers who are bored, uneducated people who's unemployment is running out.
Dirk became an occupier and sat in the Starbuck's stall his entire break because he didn't want a 99er to ask for directions.
by guidofawkes November 3, 2011
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