Abbreviation for overused. Commonly used in Pokemon communities regarding tiers, but is also used elsewhere for other reasons.
Kid1: Tyranitar is so OU!!11!!
Kid2: Shut the fuck up.
by luckynacho January 22, 2011
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Stands for The University of Oklahoma aka TardU. This college sucks cock and so do all the girls that go here. Nobody that goes here has an academic ability or overall ability in life. The only thing the students are good at is smoking weed and sleeping. Don't let your girl go here or she gonna be known as the University's girl because everyone is gonna have open access to her. Overall, it's a shitty ass university and everyone here has no future.
Norman "Nick" goes to OU, that means he'll be dropping out in a few years as a pothead and just end up being a crackhead.
by TurnM3Up November 24, 2020
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The University of Oklahoma, located in Norman, OK. While most people think that all OU has going for it is its football team, it's actually a very reputable school. Has the best meteorology program in the country (and quite possibly the world) as well as a very well respected engineering program. Also, OU is the only college in the country to have an online information network containing old tests, job opportunities, and many other features. Finally, it is one of the nicest looking campuses you'll ever see. While OU and UT have a very large rivalry, I see no point to it.
Don't overlook OU when you apply to college.
by Matt August 1, 2004
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Another name for Ohio University} , located in Athens . Often confused with OSU by non-Ohioans. Nationally recognized as the number 2 party school in the country, but with a pretty good education to boot. OU's Scripps School of Journalism, often ignored under the keg parties and Halloween fiascos, is one of the world's top-rated journalism programs. Other than journalism, OU mostly has incredible parties and a crazy amount of Greek life to offer as reward to students forced to live in Southeast Ohio for their collegiate lives. Also home of one of the worst collegiate football teams EVER, so bad in fact, even the Coach Solich drinks heavily.
"I go to OU"
"Oh really? How long can you hold a kegstand?"
by OUgirl July 7, 2006
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A great school to go to. Has the greatest college football team ever and most people only hate on us Because we kicked their team's ass.
And OU has won another National championship!

I hate OU because they kicked my team's ass! They automatically SUCK!
by Paulthesooner November 25, 2007
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OU is also a college in Ohio that specializes in huge halloween parties, thursty Thursdays and hippies sitting on the lawn playing their bongos as soon as it starts to get warm out.
Bob: I went to OU for Halloween last year
Matt: Dude, did you get arrested?
by Sam April 8, 2005
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Community level college located in Norman, OK. An excellent place to meet attractive cousins for the purpose of dating. Acceptance criteria includes needing an application and a #2 pencil.
I couldn't get into UT, so I border jumped over to OU.
by Vince Young October 15, 2004
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