A great school to go to. Has the greatest college football team ever and most people only hate on us Because we kicked their team's ass.
And OU has won another National championship!

I hate OU because they kicked my team's ass! They automatically SUCK!
by Paulthesooner November 24, 2007
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OU is also a college in Ohio that specializes in huge halloween parties, thursty Thursdays and hippies sitting on the lawn playing their bongos as soon as it starts to get warm out.
Bob: I went to OU for Halloween last year
Matt: Dude, did you get arrested?
by Sam April 08, 2005
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Community level college located in Norman, OK. An excellent place to meet attractive cousins for the purpose of dating. Acceptance criteria includes needing an application and a #2 pencil.
I couldn't get into UT, so I border jumped over to OU.
by Vince Young October 15, 2004
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Also known as Oakland University (Rochester, MI). Often confused with Ohio University, Oaklahoma University, and often thought to be located in Oakland, California.

Originally established as a branch school of Michigan State University, becoming independent, and eventually becoming known for its proximity to many of the major automotive manufacturers and suppliers.

No football team, but sorta known for basketball and swimming.
"Have you been to OU?"

"No, I've never been to Oaklohoma."

"Not Oaklahoma, Oakland."
by quendork76@gmail.com September 21, 2008
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OU, almost pronounced as OWL as in OUCH for short.
OU, that hurt!
by IRONHORSE August 12, 2010
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Often used in the Barese Dialect in Italy ("Bari" city in the south east of Italy in Puglia) to confront somebody or to just say "hey" to a friend.
"OU! What do you want? Don't you dare"
"OU.. What's up?"
by Hurricane1986 August 11, 2015
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